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What’s the best way to sell YOUR home?

Get the most money possible for your home!

As Sarasota’s real estate market experts, David & Toni have the years of experience and proven results to develop a strategic and effective plan that will market your home in the best light, attracting the right buyers to sell your home in Sarasota for the highest price possible. 

Sell on your schedule - It sells or we'll buy it!

Many sellers fear that their home will not sell as fast as they need it to. Eliminate the stress and worry with The Z Guarantee! We’ll work together to determine a price and deadline that meets your schedule – and if your home doesn’t sell, we’ll buy it!  

The fastest and easiest way to sell your home!

Selling your Sarasota home can be a tedious and time-consuming process. David and Toni can make your life easier by helping you skip past the cleaning, prepping, staging, and showings, and instead, jump right to the sale! Within 72 hours of meeting, we can provide you with a cash offer.

Moving Families Forward

As the top-selling Keller Williams real estate company in the greater Sarasota area, Zarghami Group’s success is built upon our drive to provide clients with unsurpassed customer service.

For David and Toni Zarghami, exceptional service begins with clear and timely communication, followed by professionalism based on knowledge, expertise, and a genuine desire to help make our clients’ real estate dreams a reality. As real estate consultants, our goal is to educate and inform our clients on the best way to achieve their real estate goals – and then to follow through on the work required to lead to a successful outcome.

The culture and core values behind Zarghami Group are the backbone to everything we do. Each member of the group, as a vital player in every transaction, shares in our values and mission, creating a truly cohesive team.

“It’s really about the whole concept of moving me or the buyer or the seller to the next phase in their lives. And they want me to be happy.”



Preparing Your
Home for Market

David and Toni know that selling your home in Sarasota is not as simple as placing a sign in the front yard. It takes years of experience and proven results to develop a strategic and effective plan that will market the home in the best light to get that home sold for the best price possible. Luckily, you have connected with a group of professionals who will do just that!

What we know to be true is that price and condition are the two greatest variables in determining how quickly the home will sell. Fortunately, both are adjustable. If you’re looking to sell fast and willing to accept a below market-value price, then the home’s condition does not necessarily have to be adjusted.

However, if you’re like the vast majority of sellers, hoping to sell fast and for top dollar, we’ll need to focus pretty heavily on the home’s condition. This is what we like to call a “pre-market refresh,” which is one of the many benefits that sets our real estate company apart from others in Sarasota!

The Importance
of Home Staging

While interior decorating is the process of personalizing the design of your home, home staging is the process of de-personalizing the space, allowing potential buyers to visualize the home as their own. Staging emphasizes the positive features of the home and maximizes visual square footage, producing a faster and more profitable home sale.

Staged homes spend less time on the market and generate higher initial offers compared to non-staged homes.  Buyers find a staged home easier to visualize as their future home and are 40% more likely to request private showings of staged homes after viewing the photos online.

When you choose to partner with Zarghami Group, we strategically assess your home’s condition and determine which of our staging and design services would be most beneficial to prepare your home for the market. Contact our real estate company in Sarasota today!


Let’s Get Started!


David and Toni are ready to help you get your home sold! Contact us now

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